Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pictures From Day 1 and 2

 The children walking around the room during a "Find a Friend" ice breaker

 We are spending a lot of time this week practicing finding books to read and reading independently.
 What a great job of reading independently!

 Choosing Books

 We had Jitter Juice to make the First Day Jitters go away!
 Today we practiced "Turn and Talk."  We do this during Reader and Writer's Workshop. 

 The children love reading in a comfy spot!  And they did it so well!

 We took a reading test baseline test today. 

Thank you all for sending in supplies from my wish list! I am still in the process of sorting all the supplies that have come in this week.
As you can see from the photos the children love reading on the floor with the big comfy pillows.  If you have anything like these at home and would like to donate them the children and I would greatly appreciate it or, if you are out shopping and you find them at a very cheap price.

We are still reviewing the rituals and routines and the children are doing an awesome job of lining up, using the group bathrooms, eating lunch and walking in the hallways.  I have kept the behavior clips on green because we are still learning the rituals and routines of second grade.

Reading Logs (Orange Book Count Folders)
Many of you are reading chapter books with your children.  Just write the title of the book when you have finished reading it.  Don't worry about logging every night.  I know that it can take a long time to get through a chapter book.  That's ok!

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