Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spirit Night on Monday

Bartram Springs Spirit Night at
The Red Elephant

Monday, October 3rd.

10131-12 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Look for a flyer to go home on Monday.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Social Studies Map Project

These are 2 examples of previous Map Projects. 
Let your child do the work.  You can certainly assist in organizing and researching.   If he or she is not the neatest colorer or doesn't make the straightest lines that's ok with me.  I am looking to see that the children made the project and are proud of their accomplishments. 
Remember to include a compass rose and a map key.

Compass Rose

Map Key

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday and Friday

I will be at a Guided Reading workshop this Thursday and Friday.  I am hoping to come back to school with lots of good ideas I can use in the classroom.

Progress reports will be coming on Friday.  Please sign and return to school next week. 

I will be giving a math subtraction test on Friday.  I think some of our students need a little more work on subtraction facts and strategies.  Please review subtraction strategies with your child.  There are a few ways to subtract and each child has a way they feel comfortable with. 

Have a wonderful weekend and tell your children I will see them on Monday.

Kerry Pacciano

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scholastic Book Orders

Thank you for checking our our page for online book orders!  The books will be delivered to school with classroom orders, but ordering online allows you to pay with a debit or credit card plus, for every online order, our classroom receives a $3 credit so I can purchase new books and learning materials from Scholastic!

Online Ordering for Mrs. Pacciano's Class

Class activation code:  HB6FR
The first time, you will need to choose "First Time Here" and input the above code.  Then you can create your own personal username and password to use on Scholastic's site for future orders.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading Test Tomorrow

Each child should have brought home a reading book tonight.  Please take some time this evening to read Dragon Gets By with your child.  Ask him or her questions about it. 
What happened at the beginning, middle, and end?
 How did Dragon feel when he got home from the store? 
Did Dragon make healthy choices when he went shopping?

Talk about the vocabulary and make sure that they understand the meanings of the words.  The vocabulary quiz will be filling in sentences using the correct vocabulary word.  There will be a word bank of the page for the students to use.  I stressed to the children today that I expect them to spell all the words correctly because they are right there on the page and I do take half off for incorrect spelling.

Quiz your child on their spelling words, especially the words was, picnic and scratch.
Tomorrow they will have a quiz on nouns.  They will read sentences and circle the nouns in each sentence.  You could have them practice that with any book they have.

If your child writes using both uppercase and lowercase letters practice using just lowercase when writing words and talking about the appropriate times to use uppercase (at the beginnings of sentences and proper nouns.) 

And above all get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast!  Please remember to bring the reading book back tomorrow for the test.  Students are allowed to use the story during the test.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Updates

I hope that everyone had a relaxing 3 day weekend!  I sure did! 

The children have been hard at work that past few weeks learning the rituals and routines of the Reader's Workshop and the Writer's Workshop.  We have been learning a lot of  addition and subtraction strategies in the Math Workshop and we are just getting started with What is Science? They have a lot to show you at Open House next week.
I encourage you to bring your children with you to Open House.  This is their chance to show you the classroom and the work they have done so far.

If you are interested in being a Class Mom or Dad I would love the help.  The PTA will be holding a meeting shortly after Open House for the Classroom Parents.  I will have a sign up sheet at Open House if you are interested.

September 13 is our next Spirit Night.  It will be help at Applebees on Old St. Augustine Road.. 
Kids Eat Free that night and the school receives 15% of the profits from all that attend.  You can do dine in or take out.  All you have to do is bring the flyer that will be going home next week.

Other upcoming Spirit Nights will be Oct 3 at the Red Elephant on San Jose and Nov 3 at Chick-Fil-A on Southside at the Avenues. 

September 22 there will be an Open PTA meeting followed by Zumba at 7pm.  It sounds like a lot of fun.
If you haven't already joined the PTA I encouraged everyone to!  The first class with 100% participation gets a pizza party!  The kids would love it if we won!  I will have membership forms available at Open House.

Friday is testing day.  Please study the story Dragon Gets By with your child as well as the spelling and vocabulary words on the homework sheet.